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Patricia’s Hair Extensions Salon NYC is the destination for good looks. Our salon is a boon for those women who lack their perfect hair for various reasons or the other. If you are of that kind who does not have beautiful hairs, need not to worry for anything, because Patricia’s Hair Extensions Salon NYC is there for you near your locality.

Hair extension is a process of increasing length and volume to your normal hair by attaching new hair to the existing ones and if you are willing to undertake the hair extensions process make sure that you opt to choose the professional Patricia’s hair extensions expert. Our salon is the best place where one can undergo different types of hair extensions procedures depending on your looks and also what you need.

We are the Top Hair Extension Salon in the country and the world. We do over seventy Different Hair Extensions Types. We are world leaders located in the NYC, New York area, with a worldwide focus. We have many customers from Westchester, CT, NJ, Long Island, Manhattan, Boston, etc; we serve an international client base. We have performed over 100,000 Hair Additions in our Luxury Posh Hair Salon.

Patricia’s Hair Extensions Salon NYC is on the cutting edge of Salon technology. One of the latest trends is the finest hair extensions. We have a gorgeous 4000 SF Luxury Hair Salon to serve our wonderful customers. Since people across the globe travel far to see us, we make sure you are comfortable when you visit us. We offer a complete menu of services including haircuts, hair color, hair extensions and all kinds of hair services. We offer seventy different hair extensions techniques and use only the world’s finest 100% human hair extensions.

We also concentrate on the essential needs of your hair and The health of your scalp, and we consider it to be a vital part of our service. Contact Patricia’s Hair Extensions Salon NYC today and is the belle of the ball.

Patricia’s Hair Extensions Salon NYC is a full service Salon, and offers Salon Supplies. We are located at 30-71 Steinway St, Astoria, NY, New York, NYC. We specialize in taming the most difficult hair to work with, if you think yours is unmanageable, (too short, too thin, too kinky, too thick) Call us today 1-718-932-7777 we will have it under control in no time.

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30-71 Steinway Street
Astoria, NY
New York


Monday Thru Saturday 10:00A.M. To 8:00P.M.

Sunday From 10:00A.M. To 5:00P.M.